My story

In the begining there was the nature, a pen and Vuokko – now there is only one dream above all; to increase love in the World.


From tears of the wilderness fir trees, pitch black nights, waded pathways and silent marshes my stories took life.


I have grown from a countryside woman into a traveller of life with the understanding of universal love. My life is strongly connected with nature. I am a beauty loving, courageous and poetic spirit whose stories stem from the depths of the human condition and truth. The readers of my stories can identify themselves with them. I also write about what I fear in life.


I am your co-traveller in your transformation into spritual wellness. I work as an Asahi and nature instructor, and a content provider siphoning the subjects of my stories from life and nature. I will help you realize your dreams.

The stories I publish stem from the wilderness, marsh turfs, the cycle of seasons and encounters with the world and the people I meet in eternal nowness. This urge is the hope, eternal yearning and longing of a sensitive woman to be seen, heard and understood as her own true self. Proudly created with